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Compliance Audit

Audit is carried out to find out whether the organization is complying with the various environment, health and safety laws and regulations. Compliance Audit can be conducted through site visit, talking to people, interviews, reviewing documents and records on the desk top to check compliance level of the company.

In today's fast-paced world, it has become very important for a company to follow all the rules and regulations for smooth functioning of the HR and Administrative department.

At Pandey Associates, we can assure you that our dedicated team of professionals will help you achieve the target of hundred percent compliance of all the set norms. PandeyAsssociates undertakes compliance audit with respect to various applicable labor laws. The audit is done periodically i.e. as per requirement of the client.

Compliance Audit covers:

  • Applicability of different labor laws as per the nature of industry
  • What all is being complied with
  • What is not being complied with
  • Report on wrong practices, if any, being followed
  • Report on shortcomings, and areas that required urgent attention
  • How to rectify the mistakes
  • How to maintain different records with prescribed formats
  • Model of different abstract to be displayed
  • Formats of different returns to be submitted and briefings on filling the same
  • Suggestion on changes required in the present system