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SThe object of the Employees' state Insurance Act,1948 is to provide for certain benefits to employees in case of sickness, maternity and employment injury and to make provision for certain other matters in relation thereto. Whenever any injured person falls ill, he/she not only get free medical aid but also receives sickness benefit. The women employees also need no longer fear that they would be dismissed or removed from service in case they expect babies. Such female employees not only retain their jobs but also get maternity benefits also for a period of 12 weeks before and after confinement. In case an injured persons injured in the course of his work and permanently or temporarily disabled, he will get what is called 'disablement benefit' in the form of cash in installments. Even the dependents of an injured person are entitled to benefits in case of death of insured person.

Services Offered

New code allotment

Consultancy with regards to coverage of an establishment from different perspectives. Documentation and submission of application for Allotment of ESI code (Main as well as Sub-code) Advise with regards to Maintenance of records after registration to keep smooth functioning of ESI procedures in an organization


  • Verification of Eligibility of employees
  • Verification of documents of employees with regards to ESI
  • Calculation of contribution due on month to month basis
  • Maintenance of records
  • Deposit of contribution, collection of acknowledged challan & delivery
  • Preparation of half yearly contribution returns & their submission
  • Preparation of annual information returns & their submission
  • Preparation/Checking of Declaration forms & their submission with respective branch office
  • Submission of Declaration of Form online to ESIC, wherever applicable
  • Allotment of Insurance Numbers to employees
  • Collection of Temporary Medical Cards(TIC) of the employees from ESIC & their delivery
  • Collection of Permanent Medical Cards (PIC) of the employees from ESIC & their delivery
  • Liasioing with ESI official during Inspection
  • Submission of periodical MIS to client with regards to latest status of their work
  • Online query handling through mail and over the phone
  • Availability of Key Information through our website 24x7
  • Making presentation/representation to ESIC for different works.
  • Contesting legal cases in the court of law
  • Updating client on latest changes in time.